Monday, August 15, 2005

Beavis Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! I watched "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" last night. What a trip. Gee-whiz-terwilliger. I got a contact buzz from just watching. Now, I've never done any illicit drugs in my life, not even taken a drag on a legal cigarette, but man that movie was seriously tripping. I was like wandering during the commercials and I feel really zoned out of it.

I could see things moving, it looked like my hands left trails of light. So I went with it, I started making quick jerky scared movements like Johnny Depp. Oh boy, Depp is nothing short of amazing in a film that is pretty much senseless, pointless and must be inviolate of something. It's Terry Gilliam on something much stronger than any of the Monty Python days.

Back to Depp, what was with the bald head? I was like man, eat your heart out Jim Carrey you got nothing on this certifiable nutjob. The way Depp was moving as the character was a character all its own. Rock on. It was like a real role-player's wet dream. If I didn't know it was Depp I'd have asked who was that wicked awesome king of actors on the screen. I thought he was hugely different back in "The Ninth Gate" but here was an even less Depp, Depp (or is it more Depp?)!

Bring on Corpse Bride! (A year with two Tim Burton/Johnny Depp films, woo hoo!)


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