Friday, August 12, 2005

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day here in Selkirk, its the annual local community day/festival, not quite a fair, but pretty close. Again this year its called "Gasfest", not a name I would have chosen, but it all ties into our heritage as one of the first places in the area to tap natural gas wells. It's a fairly big to-do still, though not as big as in its heyday. There's a parade, there's sporting events (one of the biggest places of decline, in fact it used to be called Sports Day for the longest time) most revolving around baseball. There's the perpetually popular Beer Garden (something somewhat recent, being only the last 10 or so years). There are food vendors, and flea market stalls, a barbecue and two or more different church sponsored dinners to chose from. The weather isn't shaping up too great but the "fest" has always gone on rain or shine, especially since the creation of the covered pavilion in the park where most of the events are held.

Today I'm starting to blog, which you reading right now. I am also working on more reviews for my site. That means not just writing, editing, and cleaning up the reviews but also coding all of the HTML. I am surging forward on my javascript driven website pages. I collected a lot of javascripts just this week, some useful and some for fun. I finally have two of the most important scripts I've been dying to have. The first to make text appear when the user hovers over a link. I can get rid of all those eyes representing the sneak peek of the review that I was using simple because images have "alt" tags for the visually impaired. The other script is to make text that can be collapsed. All in all things are looking good for my web pages.


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