Monday, August 22, 2005

Fights in Cramped Places

Last night I was watching a movie on TV that I'd been waiting quite a while to see, The Transporter. Old movie by now I know, considering next month the sequel is coming to theatres. Anyway I was watching the fight scene in the cab of the tractor trailer and couldn't help but be struck by a certain sense of pride in a very roughly similar scene in one of the short story to novella sized works that I am writing. Of course my battle is more dire (it's horror you know), and the outcome way less certain. In any event it was a reminder that I maybe should finish up my research I got sidetracked with in doing the story, and get back to actually doing the story.

It was another fairly decent night last night as far as temperature and humidity, so I actually felt like getting to some work. It's been so hot this summer that I've spent most of my time reading, brain storming, and surfing around for information. It's sort of a disappointment to not really be writing.

When I read I want to write. When I write I want to read to certain degree, get the story without the work. Ultimately it is a blessed thing that the satisfaction of completing a good story is such a high, such a feeling, that I prefer to keep having it. Reading a good story is great, but crafting it and seeing people's reactions, that's the real fun.

Off I go to have my fun. (This should have been posted last night but the stupid DSL was acting up. I have no idea why it just goes dead and won't run the HTML protocols, or the FTP protocols, yet other functions continue to work. It's nearly enough to make me go back to dial-up.)


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