Saturday, August 13, 2005

Gasfest not Much of a Gas

Well, "Gasfest" was not much of a gas. Less seemed to be going on this year than even the last year. Things were busy in the morning with a big set of events for the dog owners. "Is your dog a good neighbour?" was the theme. Dog people, and their animals, were in and out by the dozens. The earlier afternoon was good for the kiddies no doubt. Some sort of concert for youngsters, apparently toward the younger end of the spectrum based on what I heard blaring from the opposite end of the baseball field.

Rounding the field, away from the dog area, which was nearly empty of people and seemed totally empty of four-legged friends, the sound of music from the "Beer Gardens" came thumping out. Yet when nearest the Gardens it didn't seem that loud. Perhaps with the end of the children's programing, a failing attempt to get them to sing 'bye' to the song leader's 'good', they turned their sound down. In any event I walked through, looked at the flea market offerings--very child oriented--and didn't see anyone I knew. On the way home I met up with three different people I knew and then I settled in to watch cooking shows with a can of Diet Mug.

Last night I finished my first "Super Character Sheet". For the longest time I've wanted to practice what I preach and make a character, then stat out its progression through different levels of experience. That way, when the time comes and I need an NPC for a game that I'm GMing I can open one in the browser and set everything to the level of experience the character will need. What I've done is mixed 's with links for each level of experience I want to stat, and Drop Down text links for things that change too radically to fit in the same frame or don't change at all but want up out of the way. The DD text links don't send you to a different page they just spill out more text beneath them. So I statted out one character and then I started on another. It's maybe only busy work but I hope to make use of it as more than just a novelty. Only time will tell.


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