Sunday, August 28, 2005

I've Got Game

This has been a slow and overly warm weekend. Certainly much warmer than the middle of the week. I've been working on some material for my Rifts game, not that the game is moving at the moment, though I have been informed that one of the players is concocting something himself. I always like it when the players take the initiative (pun fully intended) and come to me with something they want to do. Some venue of inquiry, some type of scene I'm unlikely to come up with because if it isn't what the player wants then its the dreaded "railroading", whined, puled, and whinged about.

I've put some thought into doing some serious work on my own personal role-playing game that I have on the back burner. I was put onto a self-publisher by someone. That sort of thing is not necessarily the brightest idea from a novelist's standpoint, despite what such web-sites suggest. For an RPG though it may just be the ticket, especially since so much of the industry is given to coming up with a game engine and basing the entire company off of it.
I don't speak of my game very widely because I'm doing something very different at least setting-wise and want to make sure if at all possible that it stays that way. So, pretty much I've never so much as typed an instant message even of anything concrete about it. Not that I worry about the recipient of any message (of any kind) having loose lips, but just the general nature of everything going over the net being available if you have some way to retrieve it.

I can say it's a fantasy and I have ideas for some other settings/genres as well. Busy busy busy in my skull.


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