Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Launch, Rinse, Repeat

Today I re-launched a new R.M.T.P. Co. Corporate Site (www.rmtp.ca) that's fresher and brighter, with more graphics, more content, and lists more services. It's a nice front to the other service pages I had, but those service pages themselves have not been updated yet. That's the next step and I'll start right in on it tomorrow. Furthermore I hope soon to make a massive addition to Bob's Reviews (bobreviews.webhop.org). It is taking some time though because I really want to update the way those pages are coded. Visually there won't be much of a change, but how it's achieved should be greatly improved.

I was talking to someone today and they mentioned how games will give a "class" of characters a set list of skills that represents their training, and they give bonuses to most of those skills, but they list the bonus and make you go looking for the skill section of the game to find out what the base skill percentage is and it's bonus per level. Makes for quite a bit of page flipping. So I'll add that to the list of things not to do in my own game, not that mine is classed based. I cannot yet foresee changing to such a system either, in the other game ideas I have, except maybe for the one. In any event it is food for thought.

Anybody out there reading want to weigh in on this topic?


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