Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Not so California Dreaming

I don't know what it is but I've dreaming like crazy the last few months. Seems like almost every night is one dream after another. I'm doing all sorts of things in these dreams. I'm a spy, I'm a undercover cop, I'm in a wheel chair because I've become too lazy to walk, I'm floating around a house haunting it, I'm a documentary maker, I'm the subject of a documentary, I'm a super hero's sidekick. Just everything. It's like being in a hundred movies or playing in a hundred role-playing games. Some of them even reoccur, often continuing where they left though, occasionally just repeating what happened.

I see a lot of places in my dreams now. It used to be they always happened around familiar places, though sometimes what was familiar was often in the past. It took years before I dreamed about the high school I went to. I still don't dream much around Toronto yet. Haven't caught up to that era yet I guess. Not that I'm complaining as long as I wake up with some semblance of having rested.

The plots in these dreams sort of suck, mostly from being the merest snippets, nothing long lengthy. The settings though, woo-boy, some of them are awesome fodder for my writing. The casts of these dreams are pathetic though. Way too much of the time it's only me that I can see. Sometimes I'm not even me though. Those ones are cool. One of those already spawned a complete story, even though the dream only covered two small scenes, and I dumped a third one from the dream because it just didn't fit.

Some of this morning's dreams will be useful, so I'd best work on getting them down before they fade.


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