Friday, August 19, 2005

Thunder Only Happens When it's Raining

I swear that someone at the power company purposely shuts down the power for a few seconds every time there is a thunderstorm. It never fails. There was a lot of thunder and lightning. It was loud and then still loud, then still loud, then there was one slightly louder crack of thunder and then the power went out. The thing waited until I was away from the computer to do it of course. It's also only off long enough each time to mess up the clocks, and force my computer into shutdown via the APC software.

So I came back down to the computer after and I find it sitting on, thing didn't shutdown, but it did reboot. Silly uninterruptible power supply. Of course the computer lost what it was doing, these brief blackouts never happen when nothing is going on. I then shut if off and went to bed early, this was 4am or thereabouts. When I got up to the bedroom I set the clock, in the dark, to just one after midnight since it was blinking midnight anyway, the battery backup has been non-functional for years for some reason.

Prior to this "excitement" I was updating the HWA Ontario Trillium Chapter website of which I am Webmaster. Got in our first picture for the gallery, hailing from back in 2004 at the Stoker Awards weekend. Prior to that I was brushing up on some material from the RPG Palladium Fantasy. I was white on rice with the rules for Diabolism, which is the use of magical wards.
Pretty interesting material. The character class and the magic style are somewhat limiting unless you are playing them in a decidedly salubrious or choice game. It's not much for hack and slash, or games that never give your character any time to do anything. It's meant for "real" games and perhaps "real role-players". It takes forethought, planning, and more than a modicum of (game) smarts.

Next I'll be reading about the Summoners who not only summon but are masters of magical circles.


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