Monday, April 24, 2006

An Urgent Message to all RPG Gamers

Terrible news has come out from the wonderful company of Palladium Books, makers of Palladium Fantasy®, Rifts®, Heroes Unlimited®, and for all you horror fans, Beyond the Supernatural®. Previously they also released RPG books for both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® (based on the gritty comics not the bubblegum 80s cartoon) and of course they also did the Robotech® RPG (including Macross II®). Aside from the usual ups and downs of business Palladium has been hit by the worst tragedy, BETRAYAL!

A while back Palladium founder/owner/all-around-excellent-guy Kevin Siembieda announced that the Palladium offices had been robbed. Both work items and pieces of his own personal collection of animation art, comics, etc., had been stolen and he was looking to retrieve anything that had been sold already. What was glossed over, or perhaps even neglected to be mentioned (I honestly don't remember hearing it, for what little my memory is worth) was that a lot of funds had also been embezzled from the company. Palladium is now seriously in debt and they need our help.

Kevin Siembieda has come forward asking for the fan base to come out and show it's support. To that end he will personal draw a special pencil drawing, titled “A Megaverse United” that will be sold as a signed numbered print. For the longest time I have been a great fan of Kevin's artwork throughout the books.

To buy the print directly go to the “A Megaverse United” sales page, which also describes the product.

For more information on what has happened, in Kevin's own words go to the Please Help Save Palladium from Going Under forum discussion page.

Palladium maintains a website, discussion forums, an online store, and even a Java based chat all based out of The RPG Megaverse of Palladium Books.

Please, even if you can't contribute by buying the print, or otherwise spending money, please pass on the word to anyone and everyone you know who is interested in role playing games. Thank you.

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