Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Holidays! See You All Next Year

This is going to be the last blog of the year for me. Sorry for the long stretches of silence. It is my sincerest hope to return to the normal 4 day cycle in the new year. I can't say what day I will start, but hopefully not too late. It sure has been fun. Everyone, please take care, have fun from now until after New Years, and be good to each other. Thanks.

Your Blogger,

Robert G. Male.

P.S. Please see below my musical selections for your buying and listening pleasure this season.

Iron Maiden: PowerslaveIron Maiden: Dance of DeathIron Maiden: Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden: KillersIron Maiden: No Prayer for the DyingStrangeland: Soundtrack
Quiet Riot: Guilty PleasuresQuiet Riot: The Randy Rhoads YearsTwisted Sister: You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
Twisted Sister: Twisted ChristmasTwisted Sister: Club Daze 1Twisted Sister: Love is for Suckers
Twisted Sister: Still HungryTwisted Sister: Under the BladeStratovarius: Elements Pt.1


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