Sunday, October 21, 2007

13 Nights of Halloween:
Night #3: Event Horizon

Tonight's movie is a blend of science fiction and horror called "Event
Event HorizonHorizon". The first thing I can do to describe this movie is to call it something that others have called it with a bit of contempt. I consider it a selling point and I also consider it a complement when I call it "Hellraiser in Space", though of course we had for the real in the third of the Hellraiser series. The general idea is not a totally uncommon one though I love the approach that Event Horizon took. As far as the sci-fi bits go I've heard that this movie has one of the most realistic representations of a live human unprotected in space. Though perhaps that realism was based on knowledge at the time the film was made and has been become less correct since.

There is a new DVD edition of Event Horizon out since I bought my copy some years ago. The new one is in the link up above (the image). The edition I have took a little bit of tweaking to maximise the film's use of surround sound. The movie has great surround once your levels are good. I love hearing the storm raging outside of the ship and how it comes from different speakers when they are in different parts of the ship--it's in an atmosphere. Another thing I love about this movie is Sam Neill's part and they way he plays the role. This is also one of those movies that has an absolutely glorious horrific set piece in it--the ship--in particular the drive room. That set was made for horror.

Mood: light.
Music: Haunted by Type O Negative.

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