Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-13: Things From Beyond

Previously there has been some discussion of Summoning with a tiny bit about creatures not native to the regular, normal world, or to reality even on occasion. Not all of them only come when summoned by the men and women of magic mastery. A small few are summoned by the uninitiated or neophyte to the ways of the greater possibilities of the full spectrum of reality. Some of these beings find their own way into the mundane world. They can do so under more than one method. They can use magic spells. They can also have innate magical abilities to pass through the veils from one existence to another. Other beings already in the normal world may summon more of their brethren or minions or contemporaries of another species.

A spell caster might use some kind of portal to deliver the desired being or beings to be summoned to him or her, rather than simply force individuals to appear within a summoning circle. Doing this, other unwanted visitors may come calling. Such portals can be magnets for non-corporeal entities on either side of the portal. Malevolent forces can hitch a ride on or within a desired being. Unattended portals let anything through. They might be unattended because a cranky visitor has killed the magic practitioner, or the portal was incorrectly closed, or the spot where the portal appeared has become a weak spot in the fabric of the universe and there will be periodic bleed through from other places. It is through such weak spots that other beings may make their own arrivals.

A weak spot might not be the only precipitator to an otherworldly being crossing the veil of space and time. Many creatures that find themselves suddenly in a strange reality--or come one purpose--are drawn irresistibly by the results of normal if extreme human interactions. Scenes of great violence are one such example. Another is great tragedy and more importantly the intense sorrow that accompanies it. Additionally any of the traditional seven sins in great concentration may be sufficient incentive or catalyst for the appearance of an unnatural being. Some of these creatures may even be born, at least in physical form, as a result of these emanations colliding with other specific conditions such as weak spots, celestial alignments, and such.

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