Monday, October 24, 2005

Seven More Days 'Til Hell Night (8 to 'Ween)

Last night I went ahead and watched Dead & Buried, which I previously mentioned. That is one serious bleeped up movie I said to my self at the end. In a good way of course. This is one of those great, great, creepy, and immensely scary, films that there just aren't enough of. The story is frightening on so many levels. I must also re-iterate that Ham-head is just freak-nasty. To waylay any fears, in no way is Ham-head any more than a minor character, and really it's just a name I applied to the special effect figure in one scene, and he is seen only a few scant seconds. So no worries about the failed slasher figure, I'm just hyping a victim, and an amazing piece of Stan Winston's work.

Speaking of great films, I have one for you now, well some of you. Every once and a while a movie comes along that is truly amazing for some reason or another and you just want to tell everybody about it and get them to see it. Out of those an even infinitesimally smaller number you want to tell everyone to see, but in all good conscience cannot because some people just shouldn't see it for the sake of their mental sanity, and for the fact that they may hate you for making them see it. I'm talking about the debut film of a very highly regarded horror director named Wes Craven. The film is of course the infamous “Last House on the Left”. Yesterday I mentioned about the trouble the Poltergeist movies supposedly caused some of the actors/actresses, well this piece of movie making actually did harm. One actress never did any films after it, another did it and only it. A couple of the actors worked only for a couple years after despite getting work before it. The lead actress fell into the same boat. This movie was just a career killer. I'm only half suggesting this film and I have no plans to watch it for Halloween myself.

Now here's one I can suggest to everyone and its so much fun that it's a scream. No. not that, not in today's list anyway. I'm talking about “Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight”. Yee-haw and all that other blanking blank! I like to see Billy Zane at work and he is an absolute riot in this movie. Come get your cheese, this is the fine stuff, made for the express purpose of being cheesy with a good dose of camp, everything you could ever hope or want from a theatrical presentation from Tales from the Crypt. Not only is this film most excellent but so is the lyrical soundtrack! *air guitars* I had the immense joy of buying the CD and getting for free a copy of the novelisation of the film. Pretty good book, I really like the couple of extra scenes it contains.

Who can mention Demon Knight, without also mentioning the next, and sadly, last Tales from the Crypt movie, “Bordello of Blood”. Certainly not I. Though not as good as the former Bordello is still pretty fun. With Dennis Miller how could it not be. Not to mention what's a campy horror movie without Corey Feldman in it? All we're missing is the other Corey. Again this movie has another excellent lyrical soundtrack and likewise it is just short of Demon Knight's soundtrack. This time I have no idea if there is a novelisation. Maybe given the poor box office results of Bordello there isn't. Bordello lacks much of a mythos, certainly not an original one any given you can't have vampires without some kind of story to their background and this one goes with Lillith.

See you tomorrow.

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