Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stage 32456Q13 Complete!

I have registered my company name, R.M.T.P. Co. ( Soon I will submit a request for a block of ISBN numbers. Then I will produce my first e-book after some final editing. I will endeavour to put up a page for it and take in any pre-orders. From the looks of it, initially the security on the book will be that I will put it in an encrypted zip file and upon receiving payment email out the password. For when, I suppose it depends on how long it takes to edit the book its final time. The page count is going to be just a little over 200 pages from the looks of it, though formatting may increase that a tad. The book itself will be in PDF format and may or may not be tagged unprintable, depends on if I can find some PDF security software.

On the websites front, I have added a custom “404 Error: This Page Cannot be Found” page, it's primarily for use with the reviews website, but generalised and hybridised for site-wide use. The next Bob's Reviews ( update will spread the pop-up sneak peek blurb reviews to the entire site. I hope shortly after that to add some more reviews. I'm working on a huge block of them, but its slow going since I'm redoing the coding. The look will be the same, but the guts of the pages, and the size of space the site takes on my server space will be smaller. The new coding works off of javascript. If javascript is accepted enough that can rely on it then so can I.

The you know what holiday is coming up fast. Which reminds me, I have to fix up the splash screen of my Sympatico website. It also explains the nasty claw marks on my shoulder. Amizu demands her tribute again. I won't make the mistake of denying her this year, though my replacement did a great job of filling in. Where does the time go? It's already been a week since Thanksgiving. Before that it seemed like it was only Labour Day. Next thing you know it'll be Christmas. People on my mailing list should look for a Halloween email soon. I think I know already what I will offer up for the occasion. Until next time...

Mood: Tired
Music: Sacred Cowboys by Bruce Dickinson and Rainbow by Aya Hisakawa


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