Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thirteen-Thirteen Thirteenth Street Apartment Thirteen

I feel like boogying, two-minute boogie style. That's an odd spelling change, isn't it? I'm just going by the spell check. Pay no attention to the programmers behind the spell checker. :)

Sometimes you really have to wonder about some movies. Especially when they're the kind that claim to be based on a true story. I watched one yesterday and for the sake of everyone's sanity I won't name any names. This movie was petty much, let's collide the Amityville Horror with Poltergeist and make it using very little money. There are worse things except the timing of this film is just way too late. It was a 1992 movie based on a story that supposedly happened in 1990. Way too late to try to cash in on those great films, and way too small and low of a movie to gain anything with people who may find it original to their experience. Sort of lends to the credence of the claims of reality, but also begs the question why bother.

Now for something I can suggest. Why beat around the bush, I already mentioned them in the paragraph above. The Amityville Horror originally filmed in 1979 was a pretty fair adaption of the famous novel (dare I say hoax). I'm not a great champion of this movie nor am I a detractor. Now if we move on to Amityville II: The Possession here is a film that I think is a bigger winner. Mind you Amityville II has nothing to do with the second novel which carries on the Lutz's story. Nope, this film is a prequel, and for all intents and purposes it almost might as well be the story of Ronald DeFeo, though the family is named the Montelli's. There was one really nice startle scene that really left me impressed with the way that it was done. We also have one of my favourite lines for a B-movie, though I don't think of this is a B film. As to the number of other Amityville sequels and the remake, I cannot say anything having not seen some and forgotten others.

Now, if you want to talk haunted house and in general haunting movies then you absolutely cannot forget to mention the best of the best. Poltergeist. This is an awesome movie and my top pick for horror movie ever. I could go on and on about how excellent this movie is. I am disappointed in one thing, the growing insistence that Spielberg had more to do with the directing than Tobe Hooper who did the actual directing and has the credit. Spielberg is great and all that, but so is Hooper and I just can't stand behind a lot of the ideas that people are saying out of their blind Spielberg worship. Anyway, this is the King of Horror Movies if you ask me. I also immensely enjoy the two sequels and only wish that Julian Beck could have been in the third as planned to reprise the role of Reverend Kane, but alas the curse got to him, and he died before or around the start of filming.

Talk about trouble swirling around film production. Near to the night of the opening of the first film actress Dominique Dunne was murdered. After the filming of the second Julian Beck died of stomach cancer. Then most famously of all, the main star of all three films, Heather O'Rourke, died of mysterious medical complications just before the end of filming on the final film. Add in some careers that suffered afterward each film, and an exorcism on the set after of the third film after finding some of the skeletons were from real cadavers and you have a heck of theory, for those inclined that way.

That's my chilling bit for today. For more continuing Halloween countdown coverage tune in tomorrow.

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