Sunday, January 29, 2006


Sorry, I don't mean to say anything of the sort that my friends are not helping or anything. It's more like I feel like just as much an outsider with friends now as I do compared to the rest of the world. Call it the isolation, call it my fault even. I just don't have much going other than trying to get writings sold in whatever fashion I can.

For those thinking of putting out your own books, consider this... Most if not all professionals will consider what you have garbage no matter how good because you have to play the game of buying their stuff to see what they're doing so you can send to the publication they were in so the next sucker who wants to be you does the same and the money flows. It's a process that is both good and bad by turns, sometimes the same turn.

Also, if you couldn't find someone interested in the kind of story you told from the small handful of places actually publishing in your genre then obviously no one wants to read it, even if there are lots of people who would like it if they could find some place to print stuff that broke out of the mold of copying the last person who sold a story.

Vicious circles and all that. Speaking of those, so far I'm getting clicks on my Google ad again since I redid it and cranked up the prices. We'll see how long it is before I'm hobbled again and give up because I don't have hundreds a month to advertise with.

Mood: resigned
Music: The Grouch by Green Day, Vicious Circle by Quiet Riot


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