Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Looking Back While Talking Forward

Welcome to the first blog of 2006. Happy New Year!

It was a good sixth months blogging so far. Coming up with something to say, wait, scratch that, something useful to say, on such an ongoing basis is not as easy a task as some might imagine. Sure anybody can just prattle along, and some can even do it sticking with just one topic, though often enough it's the only topic they know with any sort of level of even self-authority. However, to sit and to put down a chunk of that something in a coherent matter, again and again, on a consistent basis, now that's something. Pardon me while I laugh at my own joke.

A little peek into my folder, the one where I store my blogs on my end, and I see that between when I started in August and when I ended in December tells me that I wrote 46 blog entries. Not that impressive of a number looking at it all flat like this. I somehow imagined there would be more of them. Six months, a blog roughly every four days, I would have expected more. The fact of the matter is though, that as I readily admit, my number sense and math ability suck. Doing a little dreaded math, I should have had 46 blog entries if it was every 4 days. We all know though that I did the 13 Days of Halloween thing so obviously sometimes I ran short of when I should have blogged.

Then again I started August 12th and ended December 20th, so that shaves off 20 days or 5 blogs there. 5 of the 13 that is, though 3 of the 13 belong there. That leaves 5 unaccounted for. Just call me irregular. Shut up and count my blessings that it averaged out well.

I took a little trip to the library today. Looked at one of the more recent books released by a Canadian author, got a copy of their copyright notice page for the presumably newest language. I also notice there that they also have Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing information, which leaves me scratching my head a little. If the book isn't printed then how does it have the cataloguing info in the printed book. So I'll have to look into that. I was aware that I needed to send them a copy, just not that it might be prior to actual production. Otherwise I expect my e-book to ready very soon.

I'm trying to build up word of mouth about the book. So, if you know someone who likes the scary, creepy, books full of nasty goodness then please spread the word. I intend to do some advertising with Google, and a flyer campaign around where I live perhaps. I think I'll hold off on the local news until I hit a physical/paper edition. I have considered taking the proceeds from the sale of the e-book and setting them aside for a print version. Whoever ordered the e-book could have the opportunity of getting the hardcopy for the cover price discounted by what they paid for the electronic copy.

Mood: Content.
Music: Blastin' Fast and Loud by Twisted Sister and Startin' Up A Posse by Anthrax.


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