Friday, January 27, 2006

Thanks for Nothing Big G Double-Oh Yadda Yadda

I have to wonder if there is any point in my doing anything anymore. I obviously know no one who knows anyone who is interested in anything I could possibly ever do. Sales on the book are nearly nil. My cousin bought one, and a friend I hadn't spoken to in over 13 years bought one. The advertising with Google is a scam. I bought in with a maximum price per click low enough that I could live with and high enough to score a few thousand views every day. In two days the pricing I allowed became useless as someone, perhaps a Google employee for all I know, forced the prices up to three times higher I had received my pissing five little clicks. FIVE CLICKS and some dirt bag cut me off at the knees. Google of course has a set up worth crap that won't let you change the pricing you set. So today I deleted the campaign and redid it at a cost about eight times what I did last time. If they, whoever did it, cut me off again then Google can suck my big fat hairy ass and I'll delete everything. It's not like anyone clicks on ads anyway. 1300 views and only five clicks. Like that's worth anything. It's not like word or mouth works either. Some idiot puts up a web page saying he'd like to be a corpse on a TV show and he gets thousands of clicks a day within a week. I can't even more than two people to buy a book.

Today I was going to talk about the experience of making a PDF file of book length and what I used and how I used it. Obviously there is no point. No one is reading the blog from any indicators that I can see. So I might as well either let it sit idle or come in every couple weeks and piss and moan about how I can't get anything of any value done.

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