Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Casting Back to the Start #1

A long time ago... a place virtually no father than here really...

*fights against a pack of lawyers and is vanquished*

End Blog...

REBOOTING... ... ... ...

I don't remember what year it was, sometime in high school, I think maybe about near the end of Grade 10, something huge and life changing happened to me. I recall the weather being warm, the sun bright, and thick light turning the tended lawns around the school into golden green blurs. I'd switched out my jeans, the holey kind, though mine weren't bought that way but worn thin generally between the thighs... well ...I'd switched them for jogging pants because those I could pull the legs up on to the knees and have the moving of air free against my shins, and the protection of being to able to pull them down should anyone complain.

We were in Computer class I'm certain, because I remember the chairs and tables, and the particular view, up on the second floor. What was presented to me I'd seen one of its kind once before, being guided through it on a dingy dreary day back in the spring, well the creation process anyway, to build that which I'd only every imagined was, well... imagined and freeform. The first time had been exciting and trepidatious by turns. Not to belittle it, but it was like a slightly bitter taste, a hey this could be good, but I think I'd like another flavour to decide from. Or perhaps, one of those it will be better next time situations. The promise of more and better, part of a long savoured experience to be carried on ever forth until unable to do it any more.

Where was I? Yes, the computer room. The players for the drama were well set in place. Malero (me of course, and key to sorting out the others), Colesri, and Kaneke. A triumvirate of dare I say it--geekly power! A power of our own and a nameset given to the entire class by said teacher. Ah, the teacher, nice enough, sort of mean looking but seemingly incapable of follow through, on the mean that is. She was cool. Back on topic, Colesri had something new for me to see. Something so epic, so powerful, so life shaping that I finagled taking it home for a weekend. It did change my life then, and it spawned such a chain of events, and such a... a... I don't know what else other than I was overcome and changed forever.

Needless to say I took it and I created, created among those of the first, one that still lives on in memory and seeks an outlet yet still today. Not long after returning it I scrounged up enough change and other money to get my very own, and cherished copy. What is it? Can you take the suspense no longer? Is that your hands around my throat?

Okay, okay, it was a copy of Heroes Unlimited® by Palladium Books® my very first (well for real) role playing game, and experience. My RPG deflowerer.

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