Friday, May 19, 2006

Freedom, Horrible Freedom!

I am lost, adrift, without any planned or set topic for this blog entry.

I suppose that I should first start with an update. Help, in the form of books sold, and the special print orders have begun flowing into Palladium Books®. This is good news. It's not the end of the help needed but I've seen from their forums that it is a solid and much appreciated start. Keep up the good work. I got the books I ordered. Good stuff.

I'm sitting here listening to the Iron Maiden album “Piece of Mind” (see below) and its somewhat akin to being elsewhere, and more importantly elsewhen. It's very good to soak it all in. Not only does it have that great transporting effect but it is also an extremely excellent CD. I know this smacks like a pimp-slap of promotion and while I certainly won't balk at such a thought I mention it as something of an allusion to the ability of things to elevate us up out of the mire of our dull little lives, and really how many people do anything all that exciting outside of say the more dangerous professions and medicine or really great acting gigs?

It's good thing I'm not an Engineer (of the locomotive kind) because I'd be forever going off the rails. I just can't stay on track. I was going somewhere with this, before I derailed myself. I think rather than backtracking I'll just say come back again next entry, same Bob-Time, same Bob-Channel!

Mood: muddled.
Music: Ancient Forest of Elves by Luca Turilli and Still Life by Iron Maiden.

Luca Turilli: Kings of the Nordic Twilight
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Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind


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