Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nooks and Crannies

Today I want to talk a bit about one of the things I feel really driven to try to do. I want to look into the things that often other people don't bother to look at. I want to dig into what is almost virginal new territory. Look for the unexpected, maybe even the otherwise dull, and find something thing worth writing there, either by seeking what isn't broadly known about it, or by simply injecting something interesting into it. It's not a popular topic apparently, and as always if it involves lifting the veil of ignorance then people, seemingly in droves, are going to come along and put down the entire idea. I'm sure if they could, they would physically try to stop me. Such is the life of one who seeks the truth, and the consequences be damned.

Let's get off track a moment and talk about truth. First off, it is as double-sided a coin as anything. It can be a great blessing or it can be a terrible weapon easily wielded to inflict grievous wounds. If it's blurred, or twisted, or all the way reversed, it can do even more harm. Isn't it just a cuddly-loveable thing?

Back to the holes and niches. You practically can't come up with something new, but there are cracks that can be filled, twists that aren't commonly seen, and conglomerations of more than one thing that are new, or at least apparently so. Someone has maybe had the thought, but nothing's been done with it. It's maybe a touch easier if you limit yourself to a particular medium. You might find something in a documentary that has never been in a book, something in a book that's never been in a movie. Those sorts of cross-contamination are the first and perhaps best way to look at it, if only because you have something to work with rather than trying to come up with an idea from whole cloth.

For example, if you read fantasy books you can find all sorts of big flashy magics that took monumental time and effort with well... fantastical results. Yet when you look for something of the sort in fantasy role-playing games you're lucky if you can find anything of the sort at all. Another example would be that there aren't a lot of comic-book hero type novels. There is a big, mostly untapped, resource right there with many possibilities. Is it hugely popular to do those sorts of stories in novel form? It would seem so based on the one example of a series of books with those kinds of characters. I'm speaking of course of the "Wildcards" books.

Even writing aside looking into the forgotten, glossed over, and ignored ideas can be full of fun, and with good results exhilarating. So, go! Expand your boarders, push the envelope of what you know, and lift the veil.

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