Friday, September 01, 2006

I Have a Cunning Plan, Milord!

Having a plan is good for just about everything. Executing that plan is even better. Then, of course, the plan being successful is the best thing of all. Well I have a plan for my writing and authorship. I've been executing it, but so far no success on the final result. Mind you, my plan is on the back end of things with a serious eye toward a future results beyond initial success, but there comes a point in the short term where my plan has to meld with someone else's (several someone else's actually), the publishers, and that's where it seems I have a problem.

I'm not here to talk about the sticking point, or even the short term though. On that matter I can only say that I will get past it by either more work on design or by luck. Speaking of luck, don't dismiss it, not when its been said that there are times when a publisher will turn down a story then change their mind later if it gets resent. Now that might take a fair bit of luck, perhaps some of it dumb (sending a story twice to the same place without invitation) or some might just call it temerity (an odd word meaning both foolish and reckless, or great daring).

The plan I have is almost as complicated as it is simple. First I want to build a main, if not singular, mythos. Something almost totally tied up within itself. I want to use the words seamlessly integrated, but I don't know if that's quite accurate or too restricting. Moving on, I didn't wait to sell short stories before embarking on writing novels. This is something that so far hasn't turned out so well in the short term. However, I think it's still a good plan given the stories I've heard of authors getting three book deals and having difficulties coming through on the second and third book. So, if I have more than one book done, and have seen what it takes to get each novel completed, and what the time factor is involved, then, I can tell how long it will take to produce another one, on a deadline. Aside from having completed work waiting ahead, this should be good experience to write others in a timely fashion if publisher doesn't have a feel for the second or third book, and want something different. Sometimes this will happen and if you have a plan in place to deal, then you will deal. More next time.

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