Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eight Special Features

After watching last night's movie I got thinking about the extras that come with it. I watched some of them, and a couple I didn't due to time constraints. I thought then, that I'd talk a little bit about them. In honour of tonight's number I decided to tell you my eight favourite extras, in order. They are: 1) Documentaries, 2) Deleted and Alternate Scenes, 3) Commentaries, 4) Trailers, 5) Music Videos, 6) Design/Art Galleries, 7) Productions Notes, and 8) Talent Bios.

The documentaries that I really like are the ones that talk about the movie and its relationship with the audience. This pretty much requires it be an older movie with a newly made documentary. A prefect example is the "Fanalysis" documentary with the special edition Book of the Dead version of Evil Dead. I don't know about its availability elsewhere. In it Bruce Campbell talks about the movie's impact, as well he goes out and talks to the fans about it. If I recall he was at a convention talking to fans about it, and at a recent showing of the movie, perhaps in conjunction with the convention, but at a different venue.

So, what can I say about watching Evil Dead again last night? For starters I learned a couple of things. First off I decided that there was no need to adjust the contrast on the moon scenes like I had thought for the last several times. The reason for that is because its not a direct shot of the moon. I doesn't belong in the frame from the standpoint of where the moon really is. It is there on the screen to show us what is going on, though. The other thing that really stood out was I picked up on a bit of dialogue in Shelly's wailing that I somehow hadn't before (to my recollection). It was pretty cool.

Tonight's movie is another classic, and this one is a remake to boot. Actually as far as remakes go it's something more of a total re-imagining of the original. It is also a movie with a lot of heavy duty special effects and most of them mechanical effects. Without even watching it again yet I can tell you that those effects still stand up amazingly. They rock! Tonight I will face... The Thing.

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Music: The Hedge from Halloween (Soundtrack) and Kidnap the Sandy Claws from The Nightmare Before Christmas (Soundtrack).

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