Friday, October 27, 2006

Five Deadly Venoms

The title today is a movie, but it's not on the list for Halloween because it's a martial arts movie. I suppose murderous, super-skilled-in-kill-you-in-terrible-and-violent-ways martial artists could be pretty scary. Still it makes a pretty snappy title. The venoms are scorpion, centipede, snake, lizard, and toad. I'm not sure I can think of more than one venomous lizard that being the Komodo Dragon, and it's more virulent than venomous anyway. Also, for those who don't know, I hear bad things about centipede venom, not from the small ones we have up here in the more northern climes, but from the ones in the tropics, where they commonly reach at least one foot in length.

In general, venoms are pretty nasty stuff in the short term. Of course they are often short term because that is all it takes to kill you. They're not like viruses which can make you suffer for days on end before killing you or diseases which can torment you for years. Not that you really want to suffer from any of them. Most of them kind of make you wish for the guy with the machete or chainsaw, just to get the dying over with so you go on with your what have you.

Last night was a good night. First I watched a new episode of Supernatural on CW, and then I came down here and popped in The Sixth Sense. One thing I noticed while watching it was the use of light and shadows, hearkening back to The Fear the night previous. There seemed to be a big difference though. In The Sixth Sense the shadows seemed to work as a part of the plot, or a warning or indicator. Not quite like characters as might appear in some movies, and not as just a matter of mood and the visual style like in The Fear. Other than that I don't think I picked up anything new, though I did have fun pointing out to myself certain clues peppered throughout.

Now for tonight I'm going to slide it down a little bit and watch something that's a change of pace. Still a horror certainly, but also something that is a little funny. This one was long considered a cult classic and I have to say that it might be one of the few I still consider cult. I can't say that I agree that the highest grossing horror movies of all time are cult anymore. They've sort of lost what made them cult when they have that kind of cash to show for their efforts. So what is tonight's movie? It's Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I can hear the theme music already.

Mood: fatigued.
Music: Haunted by Evanescence and How Can I Live by Ill Nino.

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