Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hooray for the One Halloween!

Ah! It's Halloween! Not that I'm one who denies that if you really want it to be true, every night can be Halloween Night. The first thing Halloween means around here is eating in the dark because as soon as it starts to get dark the trick or treaters are out and since I'm a cheapskate and working on my hermithood that means no giving out candy. You don't feed the brats, you don't turn on any light that they can see from outside your house, which rules out any light in the kitchen other than the one inside the oven, and it sure is no help.

Well it's sure been fun doing these Thirteen Blogs of Halloween. That's not to say it isn't a lot of work too. Especially since I had a tendency for a while there to essentially talk about two different things. Then there were the titles with the number countdown buried in them. Those seemed to get progressively harder as the blogs rolled out. Of course I don't want to discount the effort to come up with that many music suggestions either. The easiest part was selecting the movies and getting their sales links ready. I did change at least one of the movies when I decided I wanted to change up something.

Last night's movie took absolutely no effort to decide upon. The Crow is just such an amazing movie and I'd watch it until I became sick of it if I didn't apply a heavy dose of restraint. I know there must be flaws in it, but I no longer see or think about them. I just watch and almost every scene I tell myself that I love this part. There just isn't a part of it that I don't think is spectacular. If I had the memory for it I would be one of those guys who quotes a movie from start to finish. As it is, I lip sync along with so many lines in it. I just love it.

My pick for horror movie to watch on Halloween night this year is the, so far, most recent movie in the Michael Meyers saga, Halloween: Resurrection. Now, for the life of me I don't know why after all this time there is still no image for this movie at Amazon.ca. I almost chose a different movie for tonight, but decided why let the mistake bother me. Go ahead, buy it if that's what you want. I made sure that there are no other listings for it under DVD and some other searching to make sure it was what it reported to be. I've satisfied my paranoia. I also think I bought it from them myself (as opposed to going to the .com version to buy it). Well, expect to hear from me again tomorrow about watching it, and enjoy your Halloween!

Mood: ecstatic.
Music: I Ain't Superstitious by Megadeth and This House is Haunted by Alice Cooper.

Megadeth: Peace Sells...But Whos Buying?
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Alice Cooper:Eyes Of Alice Cooper

This is the really real world! There ain't no coming back!


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