Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Scary Seven

Some people like--or some others would say need--clarification, categorisation, or pigeonholing of the ideas that are given to them. They want everything to be neat and tidy. This is this, that is that, never the twain shall meet. It gives them a launching point from which to understand their entertainment as well as a common reference to discuss it with others. Certainly few can, hopefully, complain about the latter. A common language or lingua franca is always helpful. Genres are a perfect example of such categorisation. While they can be binding, or confuse people if straddled or broken, they do certainly help with selecting what you want to see, hear, or read.

Now, since this holiday is about only one genre related thing I can't launch into a discussion of that. I could look at the lesser breakdown into sub-genres, and after a fashion am sort of brushing against such. Instead though (perhaps in contrast of) I thought I would present to you what I think are the scary seven of horror, and certainly movies in particular. They would be--in no specific order--Slashers, Devils, Creatures Ghosts, Vampires, Witches, Zombies. Certainly there could be overlap, but I think this is a pretty well defined set.

Last night's movie definitely fits into the creatures' mold. Oh, and what a creature The Thing is. I can't say that I picked up anything new from watching it again. That's not to say that it wasn't worth every minute. I did get reacquainted with one fact while watching the documentary that came on the DVD. I do have to laugh at these sometimes. The movie runs for 109 minutes, and the documentary runs 80 minutes. I have seen it where the documentary is as long as the movie. The fact I relearned was that the special effects wizard Rob Bottin also wowed us with the Howling. Sometimes it's a small horror world.

Tonight's movie is The Fear. Offhand I don't know who directed it, or who did the special effects for Morty, or the names of any of the stars, other than Wes Craven has a bit part in it with two scenes. So obviously there must be someone involved in it that he knows, or the script was just that good. Not to knock it, but I'd guess he knows somebody just for the simple fact I'm sure there are a lot of good scripts but how many got him involved in the acting?

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Music: Walk Through the Fire by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Captain Howdy (Cover) by Crisis.

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