Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Sixth Sense

I can see the bloated flesh and sloughing skin. I can hear the moans and whispers. The smell is sweet and at the same time rank, and forboding. The taste of the essence of death is floating on the air. I can feel the smoothness of the edge of the wound. These are not from my five senses, but all of them from a sixth sense. Beyond what is normal, but still within what is real...

The above was just something that struck me I should write for the number six, given there's that many blogs left counting this on in my little extravaganza here. On a different note (and a different number too) I saw an ad last night for the convention called Horrorfest. The commercial said that they are going to be showing eight horror movies that were deemed too excessively frightening to be released. At least that is I hope the meaning, when they said they were "too graphic". If they are just too gory I don't see the point of hyping them. I'll see if I can do a little a digging and get us all some information on this.

Last night's movie was excellent. It's maybe not in even the top ten horror movies on my list, but I do certainly enjoy it. The Fear is quite a story with a nice mix of more than one story going on at the same time. There is excellent characterisation and diversity among the characters without falling into cliches. Also as usual for mentioning this film, I have to say how much I love the use of light and shadows in this movie. It's just phenomenal for that. Then there is real high point of the horror, Morty the wooden dummy who is just the creepiest.

Tonight's movie is of all things... The Sixth Sense. You had to see it coming. Well maybe not given there are other movies I might have watched as a part of this list had I not seen them more recently. The Sixth Sense is one of those movies that is just a brilliant chunk of mythos all neatly tied up in the bow. It supplies everything you need to know at just the right places. It lays out the rules and follows them. It also runs so far along the course that you would expect it to, and then it does this amazing left turn and heads off a different way. Not to mention the huge surprise... and no I'm not going to spoiler it, though by now everyone must know what it is.

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