Monday, October 30, 2006

Two Times the Trouble

Here we are the night before All Hallow's Eve, the night more infamously know as Devil's Night due to the terrible vandalism that goes on by stupid kids who should know better, and delinquents and miscreants out setting fires (or so it used to be when crime rates were through the roof all over the place). Either way it's a tradition that we could pretty much do without. Who needs a second shadow holiday to the real one anyway, even if it wasn't an excuse from criminal activity?

I hope, and am planning, to have the blog online early tomorrow. Hopefully that will be before everyone's commute home from work, rather than waiting until later. To do that I'll have to cheat a little and get most of it written up later tonight so that tomorrow all I have to do is give my impressions of tonight's movie and upload it. You betcha... I usually write the bog just before I put it online. No pre-writing it, for me, usually.

Well, last night I watched Thir13en Ghosts, and it is everything I said. It's a lot of eye candy, and some excellent work from Mathew Lillard who, to me, just makes the movie. I really like the role they've given him to play too. Then there is the awesome set piece of the glass house, and the amazing work on the machine which I was reminded is entirely CGI, though it really looks like they built it as a physical thing. It is so nice to see a movie where it pretty much tells us that anything you can imagine, they can put it on film, using one technique or another. There really is very little that they can't do now.

Tonight I will carry on a long-standing Devil's Night tradition of the nice kind, the
watching of The Crow. It's a natural movie choice to watch, tonight of all nights, given the subject matter and it's timing. I don't know necessarily that I would even begin to call it a horror movie, but it's certainly dark enough and has shall we say certain fitting elements, even though its more of an action hybrid if not just a fantasy storied action flick. No sorcery but at least a little sword. It is also definitely a favourite movie of mine, no matter how anyone wants to categorise it.

Mood: hyped.
Music: Shout at the Devil by Motley Crue and Killers by Iron Maiden

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