Wednesday, November 01, 2006

After The Horror

Boy am I tired. I've been staying up later than I had for quite a while so that I could catch some, if not all, of the extras on the DVDs for these thirteen movies--plus one because of the double feature, though they were both on the same DVD. Still it was fun, and if you followed along watching any of them, the we sure had a good horror ride. They maybe we're the scariest of horror movies, or the newest, but they are all excellent. Some are most certainly classic, some might even be argued to be over-suggested due to their popularity, but that certainly wasn't my intention. I just wanted to sit down and watch what I wanted, what I hadn't seen lately, and what I would want to share.

I'll keep it brief here. Last night's movie was certainly interesting. I don't think that I would call it the best of the Halloween series, nor would I call it the worst. Some reviewers elsewhere complained about the inclusion of Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks in the movie because, as those people said, these kinds of horror movies are about the usually unknown actors and actresses. Well, it's not like Busta and Tyra were the stars, and I happened to think beyond that, that they did a good job with their parts. Now, mind you no one said boo about Jamie Lee Curtis being in it.

Speaking of Jamie Lee, it certainly was nice to see her getting to give closure to the Laurie Strode character. It's not very often any character gets such an arc in these franchises in the first place--the other notable exception being Heather Langenkamp in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. The other thing I really like about Halloween: Resurrection was actually the reality TV part. They did one that both at once kind of cool, but also a good satirical parody. I especially like the back story that the reality show gives to the Myers family.

Now, I think it will be a few days until next I blog. I might not return until Nov. 13th. See you then... if not sooner.

Mood: drained.
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