Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dying to Tell You

Death is a huge universal fear. The fear of it covers the spectrum from suffering instead of dying, to the act of dying, to what happens after the person is dead (in several senses). This is added to the fact that eventually death happens to everyone. In fact the difference of when it is going to happen might even be the biggest cause of fear over the event. Certainly most people would prefer that it be later than sooner.

It can be argued that where it applies it is the fear of death that holds the greatest horror where the story is concerned. A monster may be all ugly and scary looking, and it may have unnatural powers, but just how much can a person get worked up over unnatural powers or goings on compared to the results of such things. In fact for the most parts results are what matters the most.

As a result, death would have to be the final result, at least as far as the world of the living is concerned. Beyond the fear of what it is like to die is the set of ideas with respect to what happens afterward. From a physical stand point there is ceasing to be able to interact with others, and the degradation of the body. Then, if a person subscribes to the idea that there is nothing after death it could be a fairly low level fear because once it comes there is nothing more to worry about.

For the people that believe there is a judgment to be placed upon them after death then death can be even more frightening yet. If the judgment was to be against them then things could only get worse. That's a pretty heavy weight if the person thinks that result is likely, especially given it usually leads to eternal torment. That has to be the worst. If that's what awaits them, then as it's been said, "Do not go gentle into that good night."

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