Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gasfest '07 or Attack of the Lacklustre Title

The local shindig is going on right now here in town. Gasfest.... by gas we lived and gave life unto others... I think that's how the line goes. I don't know. It's one of those things you see all the times but it still tends to blur. It's on the side of the one building up town. So why Gasfest? Well it used to be Sports Day but the sports left. They redid the ball diamond seemingly just before all the local teams disbanded or went elsewhere or something. Gasfest I guess was the next choice, since beyond baseball there are only the gas wells. (Or so I would have you believe.)

It's not a big deal today but it's what drew people to the area and let them prosper in the past. Natural gas is the gas in question. I would bet money it would take some doing to find a spot in this area that isn't within a mile of a natural gas deposit, most of them with a working pump on for the owner to use for whatever, or capped so the gas can be drawn out somewhere else.

The turn out wasn't as big as last year, I think, which is saying something pretty bad. I don't know about the parade, I'm always too late getting up to go see it. I hear there were less people to watch it. I know over at the park I didn't see hardly anyone I knew. In fact I only spotted one person I know from out of town, and talked to one other out-of-towner I know. I did of course see people I could run into anywhere in town, but even then I wouldn't say a lot of them either.

The pavilion was pretty full so it wasn't like dismal or anything. There were a lot of people there. I don't know if there was actually one but I could guess there might have been the beer tent. I didn't even look toward the rink to see if they were pitched up there or not. That was always a huge draw, especially between games and in the evening. Still I just don't think the proceedings have near the lustre they used to have. I probably said much the same thing in my first couple blogs back during Gasfest '05, or last year's blog about it even.

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