Friday, October 19, 2007

13 Nights of Halloween:
Night #1 The Monster Club

Hello and welcome to the first of the 13 Nights of Halloween! This year I am serving up a healthy dose of thrills, chills, and deep throbbing horror for you. The full list of movies is available at Wraithstop to make life easy for everyone.

My first selection is "The Monster Club" starring Vincent Price and a
The Monster Clubwhole horrific host of the old school terror celebrities. I first saw this movie as a young lad. It was on TV some afternoon, most likely near to Halloween. It left a permanent indelible mark upon me. It wasn’t my first horror movie; I don't even know what the first would have been. For years and years I wished to see it again but never really did. Once I spotted a hugely expensive VHS copy in some grimy store but it was beyond me to get it then. Finally a few short years ago someone put it out on DVD. It was one of my holy grails of DVD necessity. I waited 20 years or so, I'd guess, to own a copy.

The movie is an anthology of three stories. Each of the stories is tied together by an "over-story" that introduces each piece and forms a cohesive whole out everything. The movie was a 1980 film made in the 60's style. It certainly has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek as well. Grilled cheese lovers unite! This is your movie before our descent into dark stark madness and terrifying shocks. This isn't to say that it doesn't have it moments. I hate to give spoilers or set the mood too much but the first story is particularly stunning and even now in this new century the special effects were still awesome to behold. There is something exceedingly cool on the DVD too. The film's soundtrack is playable on its own.

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