Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2: Human Reactions

Just how would you feel if it were suddenly revealed that psychic powers were real, and they were potent, and used by just anybody who happened to have the capability? Would you first wonder how it had been kept hidden until now, or would you just assume that they were a new development? Would you be afraid of what some people might do with such abilities? Would you be jealous if you knew someone who could do something spectacular or just plain cool?

There would be reactions beyond those that individual people would have over the existence of psychic powers. What would the media do once they found out? Would they create mass hysteria—the traditional kind—or would there be a new class of celebrity quickly emerge? A whole new host of changes to the world would occur if the psychics were found within the ranks of the media. What stories would they print if a reporter could read a sources mind? What would they learn from politicians?

Politics could be a vastly different arena if physics discovered all of the secrets. It would be even further changed if there never were any secrets in the first place. However, let's say that these psychic powers were a new and so far limited phenomena. Just what would the politicians and military higher ups do about them? Find out some of the scenarios when Horror on Hump Day resumes the week following Halloween.

Starting October 19, 2007 look to this blog for our annual 13 Nights of Halloween. Each day there will be a new blog about a movie that is just perfect for the Halloween season. Check us out early, and hit your local video store or download service and watch along each night.

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