Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Real Live Corpses

Beyond the satiric intent of such a title, such an advertisement was made with regard to a new-ish movie that I watched recently. Honestly I don't know what to make of it, if it is true. Given the context of the movie it was in the promotional material for, I wasn't particularly perturbed or admonishing. However in other cases I might frown on the idea or go as far as to avoid it in the manner of denying them any money, or publicity, etc.

This brings me to my main idea. What is acceptable or wanted in special effects, is unacceptable and to be discouraged for real. Here's an example from a documentary in the special features of a DVD. The 2 disc special edition of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (the original actual carries Chain Saw as two words) contains a documentary about Ed Gein, the Butcher of Plainfield. Now Ed Gein is a real person who committed heinous acts earning him the aforementioned title. In the documentary they detail what he did, and they have some crime photos.

As a matter of historical fact this is a fairly interesting documentary, however one particular photo should have been weeded out and certainly not dwelled on as it was. As much as someone should have said no to including it, by the same token had it been a part of a movie, and done with special effects, it would have been fine if not actually cool (if done right). Why is it that if it's done with make up, foam latex, caro syrup, and made by a movie crew we can't get enough of it, but yet it's just plain wrong to be shown the real thing?

I do not know why it is, but I can certainly agree that it is. Let's look at another example. The Faces of Death videos are an example. No one should be watching real fatal accidents for entertainment. Real people deserve respect. Life means something. Certain people will certainly find such comments odd from such a horror aficionado as I claim to be (sometimes). Of course no one should be surprised when I say I outright condemn those foreign cannibal movies that have not only real scenes of death supposedly (as stock footage), but also live filmed animal cruelty. Talk about people that don't deserve respect, or remorse...

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