Monday, October 20, 2008

13 Nights of Hallowe'en: Night #2 The Ugly

Tonight’s movie is one that has been elusive to find.
The UglyIt comes out on DVD and then it sells out, then some time later it gets re-released. It is a good sign, if somewhat frustrating. How many releases does a film need before people start to figure out that it sells so there had better be good volume for the release? “The Ugly” was the first feature-length film by New Zealander Scott Reynolds as both writer and director. This is a great first feature. The star, Paolo Rotondo, is also a first timer with only one previous acting credit according to IMDB. If Reynolds as director did an excellent job as director then Rotondo’s performance is nothing but spectacular. The acting all around is good. Beyond these things it is also evident watching the movie that a lot of thinking went into making it.

“The Ugly” is chock full of intricacies. Pay close attention to names, anything written anywhere in the foreground and even most of the background. Where “fear dot com” uses colour to set the mood, The Ugly uses it to send messages in addition. The movie itself is easy to follow on the surface. Seeing where it is going is maybe a tad more difficult. Deciphering the real truth of Rotondo’s character Simon and his situation is extremely difficult. Unlike movies in the past where plot-lines and back stories were confusing just for the sake of it--or drug fuelled--the twists and convolutions in “The Ugly” are well thought out and really open to interpretation, rather than just undecipherable. Can you sort out what is real, what is the insanity, and not fall into Simon’s trap?

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Music: Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden off of Fear of the Dark.

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