Tuesday, October 21, 2008

13 Nights of Hallowe'en: Night #3 Mimic: Sentinel

Sequels are something in cinema that are often
Mimic: Sentinelmaligned, especially by critics. The need to compare a sequel to its original is natural but best avoided. A film should stand on its own, or fall on its own to be fair. Tonight’s movie is a sequel. It is the third in the Mimic franchise. For some reason the number is left out of this sequel’s title and it is simply called “Mimic: Sentinel”. While all it takes for a movie to be a sequel is to carry on with some part from the previous movie--a character, a creature, a storyline--sometimes sequel take their own direction, blaze a new trail. This movie falls into that category. At the same time it is not extremely divergent. It is still in the horror vein, and it still has the Mimic bugs, the Judas Breed.

“Mimic: Sentinel” can be described--it is by even the director--as “Rear Window” with Mimic bugs. As funny as this sounds on the surface this is a seriously good movie. J.T. Petty is the writer and director of this film. Comparisons between this movie and “Rear Window” can only be a good thing. It has great suspense, some really nice mystery, and satisfies from start to finish. Some people are going to wish for more material with the Mimic bugs in it, but this one has about as much scene time for the special effects as the original film. It is next to impossible to say if this sequel is better than the first movie in the trilogy, they are very different movies even staying in the same genre and sharing the link that they do. The best that can be said is see this movie and judge for yourself.

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