Wednesday, October 06, 2010

13 Nights of Hallowe'en 2010 Preview

Hello and welcome to the rundown of this year's 13 Nights of Hallowe'en. I decided on a ghost and hauntings theme this year. I also avoided repetition from previous years. The way this works if you are new to the proceedings is I suggest thirteen movies to watch on the final thirteen nights of October with the final 13th night on Hallowe'en. I do not give spoilers to the movies--I hope--but I tell you about the actors, director, writer, and their connections to other movies and TV shows. I talk about connections to other movies sometimes. I also let in a bit of comparison between the movies if I feel it's relevant. In a moment I will drop a link to the list of all thirteen movies. Hit your local video store, snail mail rental services or legal download service and watch along. I have never suggested it before, but if you felt like it you could start watching a night early and be in the know at some of the things I may hint at about the movies--plus you could watch whatever you wanted on Hallowe'en night.

Without further ado you may now go to see the list of the 13 Nights of Hallowe'en 2010 at WraithStop™.

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