Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be Brave with Your Fear

Did you ever want to tell the story after the story, but you decided that you couldn't because beginning at that point requires an emotional investment in the characters from the audience for it to mean anything to them? Did you ever want to have an event in your story that seems arbitrary, but has a good reason behind it, it's just that you can't tell it too early or you will spoil it? Did you ever want to tell a story in chronological order, but you couldn't because no one would stick with it long enough for the right things to happen to make for a great pay off later on? Did you ever want to tell a very subtle story, but it was just too much effort to build in everything to grab and keep audience and not leave the subtlety lost in the clutter? There are a dozen more questions like this that can be asked. There are dozens of variations on each and every one of them.

Some of these scenarios have resolutions. They can be conquered. The first question is do you want to surmount the obstacle? Sometimes the question is are you brave enough to embark on such a challenge? Will you stick with it or give in when the pressure becomes too much? The worst pressure may come from within. Just like last week I'm asking you to consider what happens when we break from script and do something different rather the same old thing--whether the same old thing is bad in the first place, or especially if it does work already. It's one thing to jettison a failed idea, to not repeat bad execution, but what if the thing are you looking to replace always works, gets certain people going, and ultimately is what will definitely sell to some fraction of the desired audience? You might ask who am I to do these things. I may be the one to do them or not, but I am here advocating them to others.

Are you going to do such a thing now? Be brave; be bold. If you are telling your stories and getting them in front of people, no matter how many or few, then you are already one of the brave. Look at the positives. Turn negatives around into positives. Think big even if you're doing it by thinking small. Bring the excitement whenever you can, as hard as you can. Go now and be the object of fear--not the recipient--tell your stories. Remember to scare them silly and leave them panting for more. I'll leave you to it.

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