Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Of Friends Not There

I was watching a video series of ghost stories told partly by a narrator and partly by witness interviews. One of those fine shows complete with creepy recreations and lots of mood inducing music. I think I had known about a couple of the cases. As often happens some of the cases involve families with children. In some of these tales, before the phenomena becomes too frightening and out of hand one parent, or both, will hear one of their young children talking to their new imaginary friend. Imaginary friends are a somewhat common experience in the grand scheme of parenting. At least we are led to believe this is true. I cannot say for certain if it is a reality. All children anthropomorphise their toys. They pretend that they have all sorts of adventures with those physical if inanimate friends. What then of those children that go the step further to a completely unreal playmate?

I never had an imaginary friend of the non-corporeal type. I wouldn't want to say it was due to any lack of imagination. Real was real and imaginary was imaginary, but still better with something you could hang onto. Not to mention a friend that would not steer you into doing wrong and getting in trouble, because with that foreknowledge that pretend was only pretend you knew you were responsible for what if anything you imagined any particular toy saying. Now, you know this isn't a parenting blog, and not even really a nostalgia blog. The first line today also tells you where this is going. The child will have given their imaginary friend a name, and they tell bits of this friend's history to anyone who will listen. What comes as a surprise to the parents is that often the imaginary friend is significantly older than the child. This is the first warning bell.

The ghostly phenomena will become more and more apparent. The parents fear will get worse and worse. It takes a lot though to push a family out of it's home because it is a massive financial burden otherwise and it effectively always has been. That means people will put up with a lot because the other option is to live on the street or have two mortgages until you can offload the haunted house on some other unsuspecting person. Remember, don't get publicity for having a haunted home then turn around and try to sell the house without disclosing the haunting or the law will get you. Invariably, in researching the house's history it will be discovered that a former occupant that died in the house has the exact name and details as the child's imaginary friend. Cue very natural and expected freak out...

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