Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Am Sinister

Or perhaps sinistral is more technically correct for what I am talking about here. Not only that I've but I've been accused of being evil, clumsy, out of accord, feminine, a betrayer, cheater, and a southpaw. Confused yet? Some of the more sly out there know what I am talking about. Some of the people who are just like me know it too. I am left-handed. All of these things and more have been ascribed to left-handed people in the past. It's may be by sheer luck that I live in the modern day where we are no long exorcised from the populace or beaten into conformity.

Growing up left-handed posed only a few challenges for me as far as I can recall. I didn't have difficulty learning to print and write, though I always did, and always will, drag the side of my hand along everything I write. I just can't hold it up out of the way and still be legible. The biggest difficulty I had was with tying my shoes. No right-handed person could teach me. Thankfully I grew up in the prevalence of shoes held together/tight by Velcro. When I had a teacher in the fourth grade that was left-handed he taught me how to tie my shoes in like five minutes. It was quite hilarious.

Back to history and the maligned nature of the left, one of the bits of information that seemed both funny and could be put to use, is the idea of the "evil" religions that follow The Left Hand Path. "Left-hand-path religions are concentrated on individualism, free thought, intelligence and outstanding abilities and gifts." according to "The Historicity of the term Left Hand Path" by Vexen Crabtree. This of course plays into the positive ideas of left-handedness. Those considerations are that we are more creative, more visually oriented, and think in a way that we can multitask, and problem solve by looking at the overall problem rather than having to piece it together one step at a time like the right-handed. Of course such "improvements" on the human brain probably led to a fair share of the view that we are all sinister and to be mistrusted. Oh well.

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