Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Because You Know When You Feel Deja Vu

It feels like the batteries on the soundtrack of my life have run out. I'm trying to make up for it by pure mental effort, but sadly it seems I don't know enough of the words to any of the songs. Speaking of which I was going to quote a piece of song and I did a check to make sure I got it right and wouldn't you know I had it very wrong. Just more proof. It's something different to be wandering in such a soundtrackless patch. Walking the cloud darkened day-winding-down streets earlier this evening was like walking through a seasonally earlier version of one of my stories I'm working on. On one street there was the buzz of a lawnmower, and the chatter of children. Everywhere else there was nothing but the stillness, not even a breeze to rustle the leaves. There was no traffic, no animals about except for a humming bird I spotted way up in a tree. I only noticed it because I've been looking up the last couple jaunts trying to soak in the skyline in some fashion.

This weather sure is annoying. When I went to bed it was just about freezing with the fan on. By time I woke up it was way too hot with the fan still on. Then downstairs it was a decent temperature for a while neither hot nor cold, tepid or chilly. Now here I am with two fans on in the basement and I could be a little cooler on the left side away from the closest fan. Weather, both the weather in the house, and that outside, is a topic I seem to speak a lot of. Just to make this somewhat more useful than a temperature rant let me tell you all a little something. I see the hint or tip a number of places that the weather, the atmosphere in that sense, should be indicative of the mood of the scene that you are writing. It's supposed to create a resonance that builds in the reader and provides more staying power as well. This is something I am somewhat at war with. It's both a good thing and a bad thing. It was certain pathetically over done in the movie Se7en. I myself prefer to work with contrasts.

More on that another day maybe. Anyone want it to be sooner than later?

Music: Hooks in You by Iron Maiden and Let's Get Rocked by Def Leppard


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