Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Drumming Up Support

Things have crawled to a near halt as the vicious heat has returned. Almost as if in response my Internet connection has become stodgy, uneven, and sometimes downright lazy. At least it is obvious that mine is not the only connection suffering such a condition. Today while researching magazine publishers and other places accepting short story submissions I found many sites to be unavailable. They just won't load up. One site, for an agency in this case, informed me that the site was not available today and may be there tomorrow or if not that if I were the owner I should contact the provider to see where my site went.

As for my site, R.M.T.P. Co., it is up and running smoothly. With its new format it's pretty snazzy. I upgraded the web design portion to match so everything in nice and slick. On the Bob's Reviews front I have updated some of the pages, and added a couple new ones. One of the additions is a support page. If you are not already looking at Bob's Reviews for reviews of books, movies, and the occasional CD or RPG I have to ask, "Why not?" and suggest that you start. Just like any other site, it needs people to look at it, and the more the merrier. For other ways to support Bob's Reviews surf on over to this link here... Help Support Bob's Reviews

Since it is the in thing to do I have also added a donation button to my writer's page. Some people may not know about this page because if they are on my mailing list they were getting the info available on the page already. It is available here... R.G. Male and includes updates on the statuses of my novels.

Do you have a website? Looking for some banner ads? Another page I added to Bob's Reviews was a new links page available here... Links Page and it includes four different banners, one white, one black, one animated white, and one animated black. More may become available as I design them. I'm not certain just yet but I may set up a similar page for R.M.T.P. Co.. In fact as soon as I'm done here I'm going to update the old banners I was running in the reviews pages here and there.

Okay, I'm done.


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