Sunday, September 25, 2005

Looking Forward while Talking Back

What is this weather doing? What is my house doing with this weather. Yesterday it was cold in the house and a bit damp, but outside it was fairly warm and muggy. Today it's hot and muggy in the house, but outside it's better. I'm trapped in some terrible cycle. This is definitely sickness making weather, bouncing back and forth between hot and cold. I'm just turning on the second fan here behind me because it's that warm down here already. I shudder to think what it will be like later tonight when the temperature usually rises here in the basement.

I'm working on my short story books despite the terrible weather. Once I get my company name squared away I can get some ISBN numbers and then it looks like I'll be making two books of short stories available as proper, copyrighted, and further legally protected e-books. A third is only in the works because it came up a bit short on the page count. If the mountain will not come to me I will make my own mountain. They will be in PDF format and I will make them available through my website and whatever other avenues I can get them in.

As for my first novel I am still undecided on what to do with it. I definitely intend to look for a proper publisher in the Cyberpunk genre next even if I do go forward with a trade paperback book from that print on demand company. I guess I've exhausted the unagented and unsolicited accepting places for horror. I have to find and try another agent as well though I have imagined that perhaps two complete novels and some e-book sales for other works might prove more appealing.

On the gaming front, I still think this print on demand place is the perfect place to produce my semi-secret fantasy RPG I'm working on. I haven't done any work on it lately, but I have been thinking about it and trying to brainstorm some more setting minutiae for it. A bit back I was fiddling with some additional mechanics to add onto my already mostly complete base for character creation and combat rules. These are the sort of add-ons that can be used for more complexity if not actually more reality to the way combat is run. The bulk of the work yet to be done is fleshing things out, expanding others, and yes building in a touch of the dreaded meta-plot.

Mood: Mellow
Music: Replica (Electric Sheep Mix) by Fear Factory and Afraid by Motely Crue.


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