Monday, September 12, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

This weekend came and went and not a single solitary thing worth mentioning happened outside of the fact I had some bad sour cream that gave me a couple hours torment when it rebelled inside my digestive system. So, word to the wise, even if it still looks good and the consistency seems normal, if it's been around too long, don't eat it.

I don't remember the last day I sat down with the book I was reading and actually read it. I'd have to turn on the old computer to see the last work I did on getting my first novel out. Speaking of that, I am seriously considering getting it printed at this place called Trafford and seeing how many copies I can sell, and maybe make a bit of a profit on it. Normally self-printing is a frowned upon idea in the industry but these are the same people who insist on sending your book to one person at a time because heaven forbid two companies want to print it and have to actually compete with each other like every other single business on the planet. Not to mention I may have shot myself in the foot by doing something as daring as a cross-genre work that can't easily be pigeonholed.

Last week I took a huge step toward doing my own e-books for a couple short story collections. Publishers either take the stand that anything available on the Internet is a first printing and therefore something they do not want (for a second printing), or they ignore anything on the Internet as being separate (and rightly so) rights , so either way its not a problem for me to try to sell those on my site. They were already available once in my Killing Time: Horror E-Rag(TM).

There's another speaking of which moment. It's nearing October, and with it Halloween, and it appears that this year there will be nothing to be read from Killing Time. Last year's audio-short story drew next to no audience, presumably due to the file size. Who knew that for decent quality you actually have to have decent size for your own MP3s. It took me quite a while to put it on my site with dial-up. Then there was the fact it took a lot of the limited space I had. Now of course, I have the highest speed DSL I could get here and the web site while dropping by three quarters in price increased in size by four times. The question though is who else has the bandwidth to try it again. So, I will do nothing online with it. It'll stay filed away until maybe I do an entire audio-book of short stories.

Seems a shame to do nothing for Halloween though. Maybe something will happen. No promises.


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