Friday, October 28, 2005

3 More Days 'Til Jack-o-lanterns

I watched Friday the 13th parts three and four last night. Slashers aren't the most intelligence grabbing of material, then again I'm highly critical of people who think *everything* has to be that way. I always trot out the the “sometimes you want to just sit and watch something without having to engage your brain“. There's nothing wrong with mindless. Call it pandering to the mouth-breathing, brainless, lowest common denominator majority if you will, but don't be waving the flag in my name. There's something to be gotten or learned from everything for starters. Never mind the so called intelligent people who dismiss things without having knowledge of them, like that's ever anything a person would call smart. In fact that's right up there with thinking you're smarter than someone else because you know something they don't.

Yesterday's suggestions of course didn't get all the way to the root of the matter of the big names with the huge number of sequels. I didn't get to one of the first of them, “Halloween”. It's not the oldest franchise mind you, nor does it have the first modern horror icon. I'm still holding those and couple other oldie but goodies for later. With eight films so far this serious could certainly fill up you Halloween, and maybe when they have 24 hours worth of Halloween films they will stop making more. Halloween and Michael Meyers exemplify the Halloween season, how could they not, everything revolves around the day itself. It is Halloween, literally, even the one without Michael, maybe even especially that one, though it continuously comes under fire. I just read something today where they were complaining about the special masks in this movie. Unlike the article I won't drop the huge spoiler they did, but suffice it to say, they were in-effect annoyed that something unbelievable was indeed unbelievable. Yeesh!

I have time for one more suggestion so let me give you a doozy that a number of you probably haven't seen and maybe haven't heard of. It's an awesome anime entry for my Thirteen Days of Halloween Blogging Bonanza. It's called “Perfect Blue” and it's on DVD from Manga Entertainment. It's the story of a Japanese Pop Idol who turns to acting because its the best thing for career, but it really tears her up inside, and it has also incensed a stalker to take things to the next level. It is an awesome collision of brain bending twists and turns, psychological horror, bloody violence, gratuitous nudity, and pure insanity. It's one of those ones you just love to watch over and over because there's something more to see every time, and it just gets darker and more twisted each time. It also has a couple absolutely hair raising visuals, and one scene that pretty much deserves a pornography warning. Don't let that turn you off of it though necessarily, but don't hold it against me either.

Tomorrow, same blog, same Internet.

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