Friday, October 07, 2005

Megrims and Vapours

Where does the time go. I could have swore I was right on track, but here it seems five days have passed instead of the four I intended. Yesterday was a plain old lazy day. A much needed battery recharge.

I had the front door of the house open all last night while I was in the living room watching everything I watch, taped and live, on Thursday night. I kept seeing things in my peripheral vision. You know, dark figures that disappear when you turn your eye to look at them directly. Shadows that seem to move even though there are no other ones moving. At one point I could have sworn I heard rain falling but I couldn't see it and someone went past on the other side of the road in a fashion totally wrong for rain to have been falling. One of the two streetlights that cast light in front of the house has been out for quite a few days. It makes for an odd difference to the usual view and is no doubt a huge part of the funny business.

The brain is a strange thing sometimes. It sees more than it makes useful use of. It also has a tendency to fill in the blanks. A shape half seen out of the corner of your eyes is given a useful form, one that you can relate too just as an inkblot suggests a shape and the brain fills it in. The predatory part of us makes us attentive to motion. Some more than others. I certainly twig on movement very easily and sometimes it doesn't have to be more than say shadows or shapes that are visible in my periphery that seem to change. Part of it most assuredly has to do with the years I spent in those roach infested apartment buildings. There I saw movement all of the time and it was rather distracting at times to say the least.

So, I kept seeing these shadow figures walk by, in addition to two or three trips by real actual people. It's a pretty standard thing for me if seriously weird compared to other people's lives. Some might consider that I'm becoming attuned to the spirit world and seeing lives gone past. Those some I will strongly disagree with. Nothing so earth shattering as that is going on. I know, it's passing strange that someone who writes so much about this sort of thing really doesn't buy into it. I'm not sampling my own drugs so to speak. A sound practice. Though the way this blog entry is going one (myself included) has to wonder if I'm not on something. Which makes me wonder about the can of Diet Pepsi next to me, and the water that comes out of the tap. Anyway, I'm veering horribly off topic.

There are other shapes and forms I've attributed to places. The light on the wall of the bedroom plus the book shelves with the books on top of it makes for what looks like a figure darting into the closet whenever I round the corner of the stairs and come into the hallway. When I sit in the living room late at night reading with the laundry room door open I can see the shelves and the wall corner that turns with the opening of the basement stairs. I get a strong impression of someone standing there, in a tattered white robe, who maybe has a really messed up face (as in by violence not deformity of either the person or of its imagining). Sometimes it gets traded with a decidedly familiar form aka the little girl in the original Night of the Living Dead.

Or maybe I'm just pulling everyone's legs... you decide...

Mood: Too Salty!
Music: Stay With Me Tonight by Quiet Riot and Right Now by Van Halen


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