Tuesday, December 06, 2005

...And Your Little Dog Too!

The book is about half-way edited now. Reading through the stories was like rediscovering lost friends. There were some moments where I just had to break into a hearty belly laugh of evil. Good stuff, and that's just the Caster stories. I haven't even gotten to the Deserver stories where I am guaranteed to have much more maniacal laughter as people get more than they bargained for for their deeds.

One thing is sort of funny in the odd sense. There was, being a part of a regular publication, a certain flow or progression to the stories. For the most part that flow is unbroken. There was one exception though. I added one story to the Deservers side that was not originally one of those stories. This was in answer to adding one more story to the Casters. Now the new Caster story is one that has never seen any form of publication before. It is also the newest story of the entire book. So it felt to me at least a little funny. It was funny in the sense of looking at a photo album and finding one of the pictures in a group is from the next year.

Most of the editing is adding in the occasional comma, of which I am often accused of being lax with. Sometimes I break a paragraph in half to pick up the pace. Sometimes I change out pronouns for proper names when it seems there's too much he did this, he did that, he did the other. Sometimes even changing to the name isn't enough and a stronger fix is required to improve the flow. Nothing major in any event, though I do intend to add a scene to one of the stories I haven't edited yet. It was something I wanted to include originally but didn't have time to figure out how it would work. I think I've mentioned that in the blog before.

Back to it I go.

Music: I Can't Make You Love Me by Quiet Riot and Klavier by Rammstein


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