Friday, December 02, 2005

Spinning Ever Faster

There is good news in the land of Bob. After working on it all night and all of today so far I have completed the back cover for the e-book. The last bit, and the only thing that couldn't be done manually (as in by me and my hand in a picture program alone) was the ISBN barcode with additional price coding. So, this means it's time to start taking pre-orders on the book. As such I have updated the bookstore's index and people can go to peruse the covers, and the Teaser Previews. Check it out at R.M.T.P. Co. Books

As to yesterday's rant, I have done, in some cases massive additional coding, what I can to make things as right as I possibly can for my new reviews web page coding in Firefox. I fixed all of the problems though one of them lost functionality. There just was no way to get the title of the review into the navigation bar in that crazy browser. All attempts to make a keyboard space remain so proved impossible. A search of the web yielded not even one whiff of that replacement “code” that appeared in the page. It's unrecognisable, and no one has ever mentioned it. Oh well, that's what people get for using inferior software.

I had to laugh, one of the other problems is apparent only in Firefox, so there goes the high and mighty attitude. Versions of both Netscape and Opera did not have the difficulty. Obviously it is brand new problem. So no one can blame Microsoft for allowing sloppy work. Take that Mozilla!

Mood: cheery
Music: Power of the Sun by Bruce Dickinson and Crossfire by the Scorpions


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