Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dress for the Weather

Weird weather we have going on. First they were saying it was one of the warmest springs on record, next thing I know I'm freezing to death and have a massively painful, cramped, cold laced back that's nearly killing me. Only bit of relief I've had was when I seized up on taking one of the pills I was taking for the pain. Suddenly, sweaty, eyes bloodshot, coughing up saliva that wouldn't pass down my collapsed esophagus and the back ceased to be much of anything sensation-wise. Thrills.

If it isn't bad enough the back pain upsets my stomach, stress no doubt, but now my stomach hurts from the heaving and coughing. The only bright thing I can say is that at least I kept both pills down. Of course now I pretty much know I'm asking for trouble to even try and take another pill. Once I've tripped this stupid hiatus hernia, that's it for pill taking for a couple days until things settle down and strained muscles there strengthen up again.

Well, I've let this delay me a day but I decided not to let it totally win so here I am doing my blog. Heh heh, of course it's taken over as the topic, but who am I to argue with enough to yammer about for a short entry. Here's hoping the rest of the world is having a better weekend... even if it is nearly over...

Mood: further down the spiral.
Music: No More Lies by Iron Maiden and On With The Show by Motley Crue.

Iron Maiden: Dance of Death
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Motely Crue: Too Fast For Love


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