Friday, June 23, 2006

How Much is that Ghost Dog in the Window?

Weirdness time... Last night I went to bed early, it was still dark as dark out. I was lying in bed with my eyes closed and seemingly not sleeping when I felt this strong wind whip up in the room (Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!) and then something big and heavy came up on the bed and settled in very close as well as pinning my one arm out away from me. I felt more than heard an almost whimpering, from a hot, breathing, object next to me. I opened my eyes but couldn't see anything--after all it was dark! I tried to touch it with my hand but I could only wave it about. The arm I could move was pinned by the upper arm only, underneath the thing. It seemed odd though that I couldn't feel it with my forearm. My other arm was against me and fully pinned.

I had, and I don't know how or why, the distinct impression that it was a dog climbed up on the bed--to precise a Doberman. Crazy, I know, given I couldn't see anything and I could only feel it from certain parts like the pinned arm and the warmth against my chest. I continued trying to touch it with the hand that was free but to no avail. Next thing I know I have my eyes open and my heart hammering in my chest and I'm alone. There was nothing there, and that's the way it should be. There's no Doberman around here, nor do I have a dog of any kind. The one dog I briefly had aeons ago wasn't a Doberman, and it was never in the upstairs ever. I'm sure the people of that newsgroup I lurked on (until it seemed to evaporate like so much miasma or perhaps, dare I say, ectoplasm) would have had a hey day with a dream like this.

Later in the night, without the wind, and with my back to it, I felt/dreamt the thing again. This time I tried to will it away and eventually it did, and I feel back asleep. It was sort of like, I can only describe it as it's kind of like the dreaming where you're thinking and you only half see things like an imagining. You don't really see but yet there's a dark background with darker lines defining what you only “sort of” see. Only this was a touch closer to a real dream; most likely because of the dark room lending itself to the verisimilitude. At the same time it was kind of like one of those times where you startle awake with the sensation that you're falling. Well this was like that except instead of falling it was a dog.

Just remember this story when it comes out later I slowly descended into my own horror story of madness, and the account I made of it on the walls, in my own blood, that it makes all my favourite horror books seem like the good old days of joy and light. Have a good night kiddies, be good or the ghost dog will climb in your bed and not get out again!

Mood: psychadelic.
Music: Comes and Goes by Moist and Black Lodge by Anthrax.

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